TB 141cc Bore Kit - 120cc Engines - Lifan/Import Heads

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141cc (57mm) Bore Kit for Chinese 120cc Engines with Big Valve Cylinder Heads (27/23mm or 30/23mm):

- Ceramic cylinder with steel sleeve 
- High compression large dome 57mm piston with rings, 14mm pin, & clips 
- Head gasket kit

This will make a very nice difference in performance over your stock setup. Additionally, it is a very quick and easy upgrade as it does not require case boring. We found the right level of compression for increased performance while also keeping reliability in mind.  The kit includes a steel sleeved aluminum cylinder, light weight high revving piston and a head gasket kit.

Important Note: This kit will only work on Chinese 120cc engines with a 52.4x55mm bore and stroke and a 14mm piston pin. Common models are SDG/Sikk and RCM but there are so many Chinese brands/models that you absolutely need to know your bore and stroke and piston pin size. Many vendors also call 120cc engines "124" so its important you get the actual specifications from your engine vendor or measure yourself.  Unfortunately, we are unable to tell you what you have based on a brand name as there are so many unknown Chinese brands.  This kit is also recommended for use only with big valve heads such as the common Lifan head with 27/23mm valves or our Import Race Head with 30/23.5mm valves.

Installation Notes: Its very important that you use Hondabond (or similar quality) sealer on the head gasket.  Also, don't use the original o-rings between the head and cylinder (not needed) but do use the large o-ring at the bottom of the cylinder between the cylinder and the engine case at the oil return.