TB Billet Triple Clamp Kit - 72-99 Models

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TB Parts z-50 Billet Triple Clamp Kit

This kit replaces the stock triples so you can use Kawasaki KLX110 front forks on the front end of your Z50.  KLX110 forks work infinitely better than the stock forks and they are readily available used at good prices. The kits include following items:

- Billet aluminum 30mm triple clamps
- Billet aluminum risers
- Longer axle
- Extended brake cable
- Billet aluminum cable bracket and hub stop

To use the kit, you will also need your stock bearings, KLX110 fork legs, and bars.  The only modification required is you have to open up the the axle holes slightly on the KLX110 forks to accept the larger Z50 type axle. For bars, the Pro Taper SE type bars for the XR50 and KLX110 work (must be the SE type, not the cheaper type).  Also, there are some cheap bars for the Honda ATC110 that work on ebay and stock KLX110 bars will work as well.  To find used KLX110 forks, look on sites like ebay.com, www.planetminis.com, and www.thumpertalk.com   People are always parting out KLX110s.  Also, sometimes we have used sets in stock so you can check with us as well.   Its also best to use this setup with an extended swing arm and at least 280mm rear shocks. We use them on our Z50 vintage race bikes with our Z50 plus 3" swingarm kits and 330mm shocks. If you want to see some pics of our bikes with both installed, please send an email to  [email protected]

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